How to Design a School Uniform

2.Look and browse around for uniforms from the schools around your own school area, or simply any school. You wouldn’t want to have the same design in the end. And, that’s when we at Elements step in and provide you with an array of designs.

4.Sum it all up and then review your work/design to make sure we deliver what you have in your mind. This is to avoid disappointment if they don’t turn out how they’re actually supposed to. Work closely with our designers so that you can guide them and make alterations to make them just the way you like it.

Keep in mind that you are designing uniform s for your school. So, obviously it doesn’t have to be conservative, but not too casual.

3.Try to create ideas and be creative. But also keep in mind to be original. Try creating new hems, new collars, and new sleeves and so on! You would want to have some unexpected twist like the ones elements can provides you!

5.After all that, you can see us bring your drawings/designs to life! Make sure to also have some adjustment and special arrangements for people that may be bigger or smaller in size, so that they would not have different designs and look completely different from each other.

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